Ipswich Jets Sportsman Lunch

On Saturday the 20th of May 2017 the director, Joel Farmer of 1300 4 Gardening took his guests Shelley Farmer, Dan McKay, Kim Chamberlain, Greg Robinson and Jeff Lituri out to the Ipswich Jets Sportsman lunch at Ipswich Jets home ground, North Ipswich reserve. 1300 4 Gardening are a proud sponsor of the Jets and it was a great opportunity to take some staff and supplies out to this luncheon. Unfortunately, the Jets lost 32 to 12 playing the PNG Hunters, this was not the result we were after but resulted in a good game.

There was a great guest speaker on the day, Sione Faumuina. He is a great speaker and was inspirational to us all with his story. Please see the photo with Shelley Farmer, Joel Farmer, Sione Faumuina and Dan McKay. Joel bought his book for his son Zac, as he thought it would be a great read for any child wanting to play a professional sport or just help with growing up. The book was called The Second Phase.

Why we love North Queensland at 1300 4 Gardening

The best time to visit North Queensland is in the middle of the year, as around December/January is the wet season and generally hot. The temperatures are sensational at this time of year, in the mid to high 20’s, which makes this area a great place for tourists from the southern states including South East Queensland, wanting reprieve from the colder weather. When swimming you must be careful as there are stingers in the area normally from around November to May. Most beaches do have stinger nets for you to be able to enjoy a swim all year round. If visiting one of the wonders of the world “THE GREAT BARRIER REEF” (which I suggest should be on every person’s bucket list) to snorkel or scuba dive, you will need to wear a stinger suit. You can do these trips out of Cairns Harbour or Port Douglas with a lot of different operators from straight off the boat to fixed pontoons or even your own little Cay. Read more