Stump Grinding

Why get STUMP GRINDING done?

After having a tree lopped and removed, you will find that the stump will remain in the ground. At 1300 4 Gardening we are able to remove these stumps for you, using specialised machinery built for the task at hand.

The stump itself can be unsightly, attract termites and even act as a trip hazard. There is also a possibility that the stump can be the starting point for regrowth and the tree may grow back if untreated. Where possible, we will grind the stumps down to the roots. This makes it virtually impossible for any regrowth to occur, as the roots remain underground and will rot away over time. This allows you to re-plant the area and create a more attractive garden.

Removing stumps by yourself can be extremely hard work using basic tools and knowledge. There is a high risk that it can result in injuries to yourself or bystanders. Also, with the added hazard of underground services like gas and electricity these kind of jobs are best left to professionals.

If you have any stumps that you would like us to assess or remove, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will send one of our friendly staff to provide you with a quote.

Stump Grinding