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1300 4 GARDENING offers COMPLETE garden services within the Aeroglen region.

Aeroglen’s #1 sought after garden service company. With over 5 years of local experience, and with nearly 20 years of experience in Queensland, the residents of Aeroglen know that 1300 4 Gardening will deliver a high quality service that is desired and expected in this area..




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We have provided a range of services to Aeroglen residents over the past 5 years like lawn mowing, pressure cleaning, hedging services and many more. We are opening up our books and looking for more clients to experience the 1300 4 Gardening difference. Below is  a few things about the area for you.

4 Interesting facts about Aeroglen

Where is Aeroglen?

The suburb of Aeroglen is only 4km away from the centre of Cairns. It is a coastal suburb, which is mostly taken up by the Cairns International Airport. With a population of 403, it is in a very convenient location. It is on a slope at the foot of the Mt Whitfield Conservation Park. Being only a short drive away from Cairns City, its like living in an amusement park. Cairns City is jam packed full of things to do with you and your family. Only 3km away, Cairns Botanical Gardens is a high-class way to stroll through the picturesque sceneries of nature.

Does your garden look as good as Cairns Botanical Garden
A Beautiful Butterfly

1300 4 Gardening’s tips for Aeroglen

Noxious Weeds

A gorgeous garden can be easily spoiled by weeds which take nutrients from plants, block sunlight and can even strangle foliage. As experienced gardeners, we can advise you on the best way to remove weeds from your garden and assist in their removal. Preventing the spread of weeds is difficult, as many weeds have physical characteristics that allow their seeds and other reproductive parts to be easily carried over vast distances. To learn more, click here.

5 of the best Restaurant’s according to Tripadvisor

  • Linga Longa International Restaurant
  • Barron River Restaurant
  • Siam Orchid Spicy
  • Barron’s Bistro
  • Stratford Pizza

Things to do

Residents of the suburb of Aeroglen are fortunate to have one of Cairns iconic natural tourist attractions on their doorstep. The Great Barrier Reef is easily accessed by lots of charter boats along the marina from Cairns or Port Douglas. You can enjoy a nice day out at one of the islands or even stay the night if you desire. The night markets in the city are well known for their cheap prices, great massages, and delicious food. It is a lovely way to spend your free nights with your family and friends. A short walk from the Esplanade, there are many popular hotels including Cairns Casino. On top of the Casino, there is a major attraction called Cairns Zoom. This includes a zoo with a 4.1 metre crocodile, a high ropes course and a walk around the top of the building. A perfect place for any age for a little bit of fun and airconditioning if needed.

Joel Farmer founder of 1300 4 Gardening takes his son to Cairns

With endless possibilities to enjoy your weekends with family and friends, why not just give us a call at 1300 4 Gardening, for any work required at Aeroglen on 1300 442 733 or book now.

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