Hedge Trimming Services For Your Landscaped Garden

A hedge is a tightly planted group of shrubs or plants that are grown together to form a border-like formation.

Hedges can be implemented for a variety of reasons; As a border to hide or replace a fence, as a screen to provide privacy or even just as an aesthetic addition to your landscape area.

Some of the more popular varieties of plants that we see and our customers use to create hedges are: Duranta commonly known as Sheenas Gold , Murraya commonly known as Mock Orange, Photinia, Virburnum and multiple Lilly Pilly varieties, with each having their own unique characteristics. Many other varieties of plant species can be used to create a hedge, but these are the most common to enhance your beautiful landscape.

Regular hedge trimming and its importance:

There are generally 4 different types of hedges;
  • Formal
  • Informal
  • Topiaries
  • General Privacy

Many people do not realise the importance of regular hedge trimming, especially for formal hedges. Whether this is done yourself or you instate a regular landscape maintenance service, 1300 4 Gardening, it is a practice that needs to be adopted to keep your hedges looking amazing.

Some of the things that need to be considered in doing this are:

  • The style of trimming to suit your hedges
  • The time of year that you decide to trim
  • The frequency of trimming required
  • Regular watering, refer to our irrigation page for more details
  • Regular fertilising with an organic fertiliser, we love ECO88 for this

Formal hedges generally consist of small leaf plant varieties. To achieve the density and sharp lines of a formal hedge, regular trimming is a must to allow promotion of growth to the inside of the hedge. This causes it to direct its energy into fresh new growth, contributing to the plant’s health and appearance. We recommend adopting this process from the initial establishment period of a new hedge.

Regarding informal types of hedges, this is also very beneficial as it can determine the growth and success with flowering of the hedge. This is different for every species.

It is always good to give these type of hedges a trim/prune prior to them breaking out in flowering buds. This takes away from the already spent energy that the plant has used and will take longer for the hedge to recuperate and direct its energy towards providing new growth.
Topiaries are shrubs trimmed into ornamental shapes. These are often used solely to aesthetically enhance your property. These types require the most amount of frequent trimming.

What if my Hedge is Looking Unhealthy ?

Like all living plants, hedges require the right growing conditions to thrive and are also susceptible to diseases and pests. Hedges generally are quite easy to maintain, if they receive sufficient water, as well as regular fertilising and trimming. However we have seen many times, an otherwise healthy hedge or shrub, develop brown patches and appear to be dying off. If this is happening to you, there is a good probability that your hedge is experiencing an insect infestation within. Click here to learn more.

Common Murraya Paniculata problems - hedge borers

did you know?

A well maintained hedge can help add value to your home or property and make your landscape garden be the envy of the area.

Hedges also grow from the base as well as the foliage, meaning that every couple of years it will need a good cut back if you are trying to maintain a hedge at a certain height.

It is an idea to trim the sides of the hedge at an angle, so that it’s wider at the bottom and slightly narrower at the top. This way, sunlight can reach the lower branches, which helps the entire hedge grow green and lush. Rather than being sparse toward the bottom. Regular fertilising will help this growth as well.

1300 4 Gardening’s Hedging services:

1300 4 Gardening is fully insured and provides a vast range of hedging services and advice that makes us the ‘leaders in landscape maintenance.

With being the specialists in this field from juvenile hedge formations, large established screen plantings, 20 plus foot high hedges, as well as topiary trees we have the discipline and team for your hedging solutions, just chat with one of our team about what you require. Using the latest tools and technology, we understand the requirements of customer satisfaction and your hedges and shrubs requirements. Providing comprehensive services that allows your landscape to flourish and look amazing, all year round.

With over 20 years of experience in this field, 1300 4 gardening believes that we can offer some of the most competitive rates around and can tackle even the largest of hedges that others will and do shy away from.

If you want some tips on cutting your hedge click here and see one of our landscape maintenance specialists show you how

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