Give your Property a Landscape Makeover!


A makeover is a transformation of your current landscape. This can be an upgrade of your existing landscape layout, or a complete overhaul and design.
Some reasons for a landscape makeover are; Increased functionality, utilisation of a currently unusable part of your yard, upgrading damaged/expired or weathered features or just simply improving on the aesthetic appeal for your own satisfaction.
Having a beautiful looking landscape can give you increased benefits. For example, adding value to your property, providing a serene and tranquil place to relax, appeal for hosting of guests and to provide a safer and structured play space for your children. These are just a few examples, as options for a landscape makeover are endless.
You may have your own ideas or you may require some help with suggestions or planning.
1300 4 Gardening can provide expert advice coupled with top quality workmanship.

We would like to give you examples of some aspects of landscape makeovers that we can perform.

Turf Laying

Whether it be replacing an existing lawn or creating a new one, turf can bring instant appeal to your landscape. There is nothing better than gaining an ‘instant lawn’ to eliminate an unsightly or poorly performing area. Sunlight, drainage, access to water, variety of turf required are just some of the things we need to take into consideration when planning a project like this.
Using a top quality turf supplier and having professional turf layers in house, are things that make our turf jobs so successful.


Retaining Walls, Fences and Partitions

Sometimes it is necessary to install these features to your landscape to provide retention of soil, privacy screening, creating tiers to make an unusable area more functional, or to just section areas off. We can also repair or upgrade your existing hardscape, if required.


Mulching your gardens can really bring them to life by providing a nice uniformed look, along with the other beneficial advantages that some mulches can provide to your landscape. Please visit our mulching page here.


Pathways and Access Areas

It is possible to create new pathways and access areas, or upgrade existing ones. Having this sort of definition in your landscape can make a real difference. This makes navigating your yard more appealing and keeps foot traffic to specific areas, which eliminates wear and damage where it is unwanted. This is a great idea for areas where you may struggle to grow turf or currently have bare soil.


Garden Edging

This is a great way to create a definitive border between your lawn, pathways and gardens. With many types of different garden edge options available, there is a solution for every type of landscape. Installing garden edging can also assist to prevent turf areas growing into your gardens, in turn reducing maintenance. Garden edges can aid when whipper snipping to give a cleaner finish by allowing your cord to create a much cleaner cut.

Garden Bed Improvements

Establishing a new garden bed, upgrading an existing garden bed or even removing garden beds are ideas that can vastly improve your landscape visually and also help eliminate some of the maintenance currently required.
Upgrading a garden bed can involve anything from adding plants to your current layout, removal of plants because they are unsightly, too much maintenance or unsuitable for the area, or even completely clearing out the garden bed and installing a new planting design.