Stump Grinding

Trees add beauty and shade to any landscape, but they occasionally need to be removed due to disease or damage. Safe and efficient stump grinding removes the remaining tree stump and provides the following benefits:

  • Prevents spread of termites and other pests and diseases
  • Improves yard appearance and kerb appeal
  • Creates mulch for soil moisture
  • Provides room for future landscaping
  • Removes trip hazards
  • Avoids chemical stump removers

Prevents Pests and Disease

If a tree stump remains above ground, it will begin to decay. The rotting wood attracts ants, beetles, and other pests. Termites can be especially troublesome as they can spread beyond the stump and cause damage to your home or other nearby wood structures. Stump grinding removes the wood down to the roots before it can decay so that your property and home will be protected from damaging pests.

A decaying stump is also a breeding ground for fungi that can infest other trees and plants on your property. Stump grinding helps prevent diseases before they get started, saving you time and money on anti-fungus treatments for your yard and garden.

Improves Appearance

An old tree stump takes up space and can damage lawn care equipment. If you plan to landscape your yard or add a storage shed or other structure in the future, stump grinding will open up usable space on your property. You won’t have to circle around the stump when you mow the lawn or worry about damaging your lawn mower if you run into the stump.

Stump grinding assures the permanent removal of a tree without the chance of annoying regrowth. A stump that is left behind can send up new growth, which is unsightly and will need to be removed. After grinding, the remaining tree roots decay underground, preventing regrowth and allowing for new landscaping. As the grinder shreds the stump, it creates mulch that can be used to fill the remaining hole in the ground. Mulch also helps retain soil moisture and suppress weed growth.

An old stump is an eyesore that can ruin the view of your yard. If you plan to sell your home, stump grinding is an especially important choice. Instead of a yard cluttered with a rotting stump, potential buyers will see a clear yard with space that they can use for a new garden.


Keeps Your Yard Safe

A tree stump creates a trip hazard, especially for children at play and the elderly. Stump grinding creates a ground-level surface to help prevent falls and injuries.

Grinding is a safer, faster alternative to chemical stump removal. Chemical treatments such as potassium nitrate take months to eliminate a stump. Meanwhile, the treated stump must be covered with chicken wire to protect children and animals from the chemicals. A professional tree service can grind and completely remove the stump on the same day. You won’t have to worry about keeping your kids or pets away from the area afterwards.

1300 4 Gardening has the skills, expertise and specialised machinery needed to safely and efficiently grind a tree stump. It is much safer to hire professionals than to try to remove the stump yourself. Lack of expertise or improper tool use can result in injuries and damage to property or hazardous contact with underground gas or electric lines.

Ask Us About Stump Grinding

At 1300 4 Gardening, we can help you keep your yard safe and attractive. Why put up with the hazards and bother of an unsightly, decaying old tree stump? Whether you want to add new plants, give the kids room to play, or build a shed, stump grinding helps to create a more enjoyable yard.Feel free to contact us for more information.